„Support to implementation of anti-discrimination legislation and Mediation in Serbia“-"Open forum", Negotin

April 1, 2010.

Republic of Serbia, March 2009. adopted a law on the prohibition of discrimination as a fundamental first step in effective struggle to defend the constitutional principle of equality of all individuals. For the full respect for the principles of equality and non-discrimination for all citizens, it is necessary above all to educate and connect key institutions at the local level which with their activities by natire meet with victims of discrimination and thereby encourage further cooperation in the fight against discrimination. Network Committee for Human Rights in Serbia and CHRIS Kokoro association of citizens in the project "Open Forum" and "Dialogue and solutions" have organized on 01 April 2010th in Negotin informative seminar "Support for the implementation of anti-discrimination legislation and Mediation in Serbia". At the seminar were representatives of institutions and organizations that are, by nature of activity, in contact with the victims of discrimination in order to:

  1. Encourage the recognition and understanding of the effects of discrimination that use techniques ADR (alternative dispute conflict) can have in these cases;
  2. To acquaint them with laws and regulations that support the implementation of ADR techniques in cases of discrimination and
  3. To be informed about persons and organizations in local communities that provide mediation services.
    During the seminar, the participants were closely acquainted with the main provisions of the Law on prohibition of discrimination, applying the principles of equality in the protection against discrimination through presentation of Goran Miletic, a legal adviser to the Civil Rights Defenders (advocates of civil rights), Stockholm, Regional Office in Belgrade, Head of Office and application alternative conflict resolution techniques in cases of discrimination by Milojka and Gordana Milivojevic Matovic, trainers of mediation, CA "Kokoro." Project: "Support the implementation of anti-discrimination legislation and Mediation in Serbia", financed by the European Union and implemented by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy Program of the United Nations Development Programme.

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