Practice in the field of human rights - a meeting at PS "Kralj Petar" Nis

December 6, 2010.

Thanks to support from the Open Society Institute in Budapest Network Committee for Human Rights in Serbia CHRIS realizes one-year project "The practice in the field of human rights". As part of this project is research on the problems of social integration of the Roma national minority in Serbia, with regard to education of Roma children in schools. Representatives of Network CHRIS on Monday, December 06 2010. , as part of research conducted by Alla Leukavets, associate of CHRIS Network had a meeting in the school, "King Peter" with Dragan Bosnjak, school psychologist and Andrijano Ametovic, pedagogical assistant. The occasion of the meeting, above all including the existence of pedaogical assistants in school, "King Peter" that helps to Roma and other students who need help in teaching. There was also talk of forming inclusive team before the start of the new school year, with the aim of inclusive education of children.

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