Practice in the field of human rights - visit to Nis

August 11, 2010.

Thanks to the support of Open Society Institute from Budapest Network Committee for Human Rights in Serbia CHRIS, realises one-year project "Practice in the field of human rights ". In the implementation of this project research is carried out on the problems of further social integration of Roma national minority in Serbia.Representatives of Network CHRIS have on wednesday, August 11th, as part of research carried out by Alla Leukavets, profesional associate of Network CHRIS, had a meeting with Mr. Dragan Music, president of the Association of Roma "Pride" from Nis.
Mr. Music has presented the work of their organizations through a variety of projects related to education of Roma, particularly pre-school education and preparation of Roma children to go to primary school.

In the period since 1997. up to this date, over 1,000 Roma children have enrolled in primary schools in Nis, thanks to the association "Pride" and various donations that have supported the initiative on education of Roma children. That education is the key to every individual in society, it is important to create a system of conditions for inclusion of Roma in the educational system, which among others includes the preparation of educational institutions for admission of Roma students, provision and training of professional staff - a number of pedagogic assistants, creating an environment based on tolerance , which leads to the reduction and further segregation of society.

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