December 10th - International Human Rights Day

On the occasion of December 10th, Committee for Human Rights Negotin recalls that the protection of human rights of all citizens, is a process that has a daily build and establish in all spheres of our society.
Considering that human rights are protected through a system of institutions of a society, and the state is the guarantor of the protection of the rights of each individual, it is necessary that all actors of social and public life, as well as each individual, make every effort towards achieving high standards in this area.
Particular attention should be directed to respect the constitutional principle of non-discrimination for all citizens and especially vulnerable groups including ethnic minorities, women, children, the disabled, the elderly, refugees and internally displaced persons, persons whose health may be ground of discrimination and others.

We especially want to point out the holders of power in Negotin that besides individual improvements that are visible in some places, takes a lot more effort, cooperation and work together to make a significant step from declarative commitment to respect human rights to concrete and visible results.
Protection of human rights and the prevention of discrimination should not be ad hoc solutions, but it is necessary systematic approach of all factors in society and above all those who exercise power, the human rights of each individual to bring to the highest level that guarantees Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, as well as international standards.

In this regard, ask some of the questions on the responsible authorities in our city:

- When will Negotin get institution of Municipal Civil Defense?
- When will local authorities begin removing physical barriers in public places? We remind that for this purpose in the city budget for 2012 should be allocated one million dinars.
- When will the state and local institutions and institutions of public importance, as well as commercial entities to make their their facilities available to everyone?
- When will the municipal government, in a systematic and transparent way, start by eliminating all defects which may lead to human rights violations and discriminatory treatment toward citizens?

Committee for Human Rights Negotin

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