Network Committee for Human Rights in Serbia CHRIS with realisation of project "Human rights to all" marks the 10th December - International Human Rights Day, to promote the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and also promote the recently adopted Law on the Prohibition of discrimination. Most citizens of Serbia think that human rights are generally respected in Serbia, one might conclude that the vast majority do not know that their rights and freedoms are guaranteed.With visible ignorance that, in addition to numerous international instruments that are binding Serbia, the Serbian Constitution gives a fairly detailed and exhaustive list of human rights and freedoms on which there is no "debating".

In addition to informing and educating the citizens of Serbia, our goal is to promote organizations of civil society as active and relevant force in Serbia to create an environment that is respectful and fair to all citizens. This year's campaign "all human rights", the sixth that Network Chris realises since 2000. , has the following objectives:

  • - educate citizens about human rights and freedoms
  • - marking the 10th December - International Human Rights Day
  • - promotion of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • - promotion of the Law on the Prohibition of discrimination

The implementation of the prohibition of discrimination depends on all - citizens, media, courts and the new Commissioner, mainly from the state which is obligated on 01 January 2010. to provide all the conditions prescribed by law for its implementation in full capacity. Only if all of these actors are adequately responding to cases of discrimination, Serbia will become a country which Constituion garanteed rights are also respected in practice. It must include its formal and substantive side, and equality of opportunity. Anti-discrimination law must be a mechanism that will enable quick response in cases where this constitutional principle is violated.

The campaign will be conducted during December 2009. in six cities in Serbia: Novi Sad, Valjevo, Negotin, Novi Pazar, Nis and Vranje.Realization of public events Activists of Network CHRIS shall organize the division of educational and promotional materials (Calendar 12 fighters for human rights and the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, Law on the prohibition of discrimination ...), and in direct contact with citizens to remind all of us to the fact that we must fight for human rights and the principles of equality. Also, in the campaign "Human rights of all" in six local TV stations will be broadcasted TV spots, and organized press conferences.

The realization of the campaign "Human Rights to all" Network Committee CHRIS implementes with the support of the Open Society Institute.

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