Nis, December 10th 2003

Correspondent of Beta Agency, radio “Deutche Welle”, and editor-in-chief of Agency Vranje Press, Vojkan Ristic, in the book “Keys”, with sub-title “war prison notes”, describes thirty days spent in the County jail in Vranje, during NATO campaign in Yugoslavia, in 1999. This is an authentic story of the time when Ristic was the only daily active correspondent of the newspapers “Danas” and “Glas javnosti” who was convicted for inadequate address that was not reported timely. In this case, the Law brought by Serbian President of that time, Milan Milutinovic, was respected.

This journalist describes four bombardments he survived in the Vranje jail, where he found himself with Serbs, Roma and Albanians. This is an honest story of the journalist who secretly made notes on his days in prison.
The book reviewer is a lawyer Srdjan Radovanovic, legal representative of Media Centre Belgrade. On behalf of the publisher CHRIS Network, book is signed by coordinator Dusan Prvulovic. Editor is the writer Radoslav Zlatanovic.
Book is published in 1000 copies. Graphic design of the book is done by Miodrag Dejanovic, agency “Trag”, and book was printed by graphic team of Publishing Company “Vranjske”. Local media in Serbia already showed great interest for a book like this one, that is, according to reviewer Srdjan Radovanovic “the first impression of human tragedy in complete chaos of Slobodan Milosevic dictatorship and general violation of human rights”.

All extra information about the book “Keys” can be obtained by e-mail avpvr@ptt.yu. Book reviewer Srdjan Radovanovic talked about “Keys” pointing out that those scripts are made during war and imprisonment of author Vojkan Ristic whose rights were abused by Slobodan Milosevic’s regime. Human rights were denied to Vojkan Ristic, even rights to read and write. Book is against the war, repressions and abuse of court.

Copyright, Committee for human rights Negotin