Appeal of nongoverment organisations


Non-governmental organizations Sandzak Committee for Human Rights, URBAN-IN, Cultural Center DamaD and Sandzak intellectual circle with great concern are following the latest escalation of the situation in Sandzak.

In order to prevent deterioration of the overall situation, reduce tensions and start a constructive resolution of existing problems, we ask that actors at all levels to immediately cease all mutual founded and unfounded accusations and to perform aggressive and inappropriate rhetoric, on the one hand, and self-will and arbitrariness on the other hand , changing the dialogue that will lead to a peaceful solution to the problem concerning the constitution of Bosniac National Council.

In order to complete realization of national rights of Bosnians and respect for fundamental constitutional principles of equality of citizens of Serbia, we require that the Ministry for Human and Minority Rights to create the conditions for starting emergency talks between the parties in order to overcome the situation that led to the current selective decisions on amending the Rules of establishment of national councils.

We demand of the representatives of all three lists that have participated in elections for the Bosnian National Council that unconditionally accept the dialogue and participation in future negotiations, and so demonstrate that they are responsible representatives of there people, and are aware of the serious situation in which Bosnians are. We warn that the lists that dont accept a dialogue in order to find peaceful solutions to the above problem will have to bear the full responsibility of all members of the Bosnian people in Serbia for any negative consequences that there will be. We emphasize that the individuals from the electoral lists with their actions, in contravention to the law, who trample the election will have the responsibility.

We believe it is necessary that the Bosniac National Council should be representative of all Bosnian community. It is necessary to stop the current practice that the Council is operated with one political option, there should be intellectuals and experts from all three lists that have participated in the elections. Only like that the will of voters would be respected, and the Council would receive full legitimacy and became a space for dialogue and a place where they will be defined and implemented the national priorities of Bosnians of Serbia.

From government of Republic Serbia we demand to end a policy of "maintaining controlled tension" and "balance of division" in this area that does not allow normalization of the situation in Sandzak, but to fully work to stabilize the situation and opening of opportunities for the commercial and economic development of the region as a whole. NGOs demand that a number of problems that Bosnians face for many years are resolved without any further delay and in a way that guarantees peace, security and safety to Bosnians, as well as all other citizens of Sandzak.

Novi Pazar, july 16, 2010.
Sandzak committee for human rights
Cultural center DamaD
Sandzak intellectual circle

Copyright, Committee for human rights Negotin