Promotion of book "One country surrounded by Romanians"

In the conference room of the Committee for Human Rights Negotin, on Friday, August 20th at 12:00 hours, the promotion of "one country surrounded by Romanians" - Journalist reactions related to the Romanian border issue, writer and journalist Andrew Livia from Craiova.

Made in the form of an objective and necessary document, the book contains important interviews from leading talk-show show "Verba volant", and the news program" Weekly report ", broadcasted by television "The Tele U" Craiova.
Moreover, by publishing these interviews, "reactions" are turned into stands. Since its the first realization of this kind, the book deals with the intense situation of Romanians near border. Still occupies a special place problems of Timoc Vlach / Romanian. Moreover, a writer and journalist Andrei Liviu knows from his travels on the ground, a concrete reality in which the Romanian minority is living in the former Yugoslavia.
So, the book provides an objective picture of the problems of minorities, and draws attention to the relationship between the Belgrade authorities to our compatriots in Vojvodina, which is completely different from the attitude towards Timoc Romanians. This book is the result of uncompromising journalism.

So, a prominent Tudor Nedelcho, Dan Lupseku, Valentin Balucoju, Sorin Fira, Dusan Prvulovic, Milan Angel Kosovjanu, and not in the last row Bojan Aleksandrović, are those with which we lit a flame romunism, on a small plateau of the television.
Besides the author, on the promotion of the book will speak:

Dan Lupesku - District Director of the Culture, religion and national cultural heritage, Dolž-Romania.

Bojan Aleksandrović - Priest of Maljnice and Remesijane, priests of Protopopijata Dacia Ripensis.

Dusan Prvulovic - Chairman of the Committee for Human Rights Negotin.

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Promotion of book "One country surrounded by Romanians"

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