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Regarding newest happening in the Sandzak

Centre for Development of Civil Society (CRCD) with a very serious concern follows the developments of events in the Sandzak. After yesterday's speech of Mufti Muamer ef. Zukorlić on the square in Novi Pazar, the consequences of arbitrary decision of the Ministry for Human and Minority Rights, which suspended the constitution of Bosniac National Council gained on weight and increases their threat to the stability of Serbia.

Zukorlić in his speech said: "Playing Sandzak means playing with this part of Serbia. The state is like the building in which tenants can like each other or not like. If the majority of residents choose to burn an apartment, they risk burning whole building. Thats why it shouldnt be played with fire. Or it will be nice for all of us, or it will be fire to the top. Only our house will not burn. "

His words oddly remind of the words speakers at the rally of Serbs from Kosovo, who 1986th demonstrated in front of the Assembly of SFRY, with threatening words: or the Serbian children in Kosovo and Metohija sleep peacefully, or no one in Yugoslavia will sleep.

Threats of the former leaders of the Kosovo Serbs have been realized and Yugoslavia fell apart in a war whose consequences are still ongoing. It is incomprehensible to repeat their behavior in extreme irresponsible way by todays undoubtedly the most influential Bosniak political leader.

Zukorlić irresponsible behavior was enabled by the unlawful conduct of the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights which overturned the elections for the Bosniak National Council. Minister for Human and Minority Rights Dr. Svetozar Ciplic has commented yesterdays Zukorlić public appearance and said that it was "dishonest" as "eight people prevent the assembly election, because they want agreement on the division of functions before the Assembly was held. "Shocking is nonasurance with whom the minister who oversees part of the government in a country that is under the complete control by the leadership of political parties and which he self got the position of the Minister thanks to the agreement of informal groups, informal arrangements that preceded the formal establishment Bosniak National Council are characterized as dishonest. These groups across party leadership controls all three branches of government, preventing their division, mutual control and building a legal state. Zukorlić way of political conduct which he applies he learned in Belgrade.

Zukorlićev request to ethnic Bosnians in the country and the Diaspora to set aside one percent of their income to finance Bosniac National Council has two aspects. It is, on the one hand, harsh pressure on the people who given the circumstances, in which there were already injuries from firearms, be difficult to compel the "racket." On the other hand, this demand was caused by the effort to allow Bosnian National Council financial autonomy and avoid financial blackmail from the authorities in Belgrade. This demand opens a space for inter-ethnic segregation, suppresses the multiplicity of identity, suffocating individuals and individual rights of individuals and opens the space for possible punishable abuse of electoral rolls.

Article 114. Law on National Councils of national minorities does not provide for voluntary or "Voluntary" donations as a source of income for national councils. This type of financing would cause more conflicts with the executive authority with regard to the provisions of Articles 120 and 122 of the Law on National Councils which are related to the administrative supervision of operations of the national councils.

Should be emphasized that the ef. Zukorlić with his party ambitions, followed by calls to lynch of representatives of civil options in the Sandzak in Voice of Islam which is under his control, learned from the practice of political life of the authorities and leading political parties in Serbia. Opinion of the Venice Commission on the Constitution of Serbia, the content of progress reports of European Commission for 2008. and 2009, and the daily experience of every citizen to know that the cleaner has to have a party conection to get a job, clearly show that the Republic of Serbia and its citizens are usurped by the leadership of political parties in a given class are in power on its various levels. Systematic long-term violation of Article 115 of the Constitution, inadmissibility of provisions from Article 105 of the Constitution and the Law on Election of Deputies that enable the institution of blank resignations, are only legal expresions of real power ratio. Politicians in Belgrade continuously extending this situation, their methods serve their Pazar counterpart. It is on the civil society to fight for the Republic, the Constitution, the division of government and the rule of law.

July 15, 2010.

Vladimir Ilić
Executive Director

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