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Centre for Development of Civil Society (CRCD) warns that anti-Croatian incidents are happening the second time in a short time in northern Backa, once again before of the meeting the President of Serbia Boris Tadic and President of the Republic of Croatia Josipovic.

North Backa is the part of our the country where live most of the ethnic Croats in Serbia. First incident was preceded by a meeting in Backi Monostor 16th April this year. At that time the building of Democratic Alliance of Croats in Vojvodina (DSHV) was drawn with chauvinistic graffits. Tonight as the sad story continues, broken windows at the premises of the Institute of Culture of Vojvodina Croats in Subotica. This happened ten days before the meeting Tadic and Josipovic, who have confirmed that they will attend the celebration of the twenty years of DSHV established on July 18,2010. in Subotica.

Decisions are imposed on themselves: convergence between Serbia and Croatia did not match successors of War policies and those who profited from it. The victims are, as always when it comes to crime, the weakest: in these cases, they are Croats in Vojvodina. CRCD has strong confidence in the government of Croatia and Serbia that such incidents can only associate them closer against those who seek to prevent the development of friendly relations and close approximation of the two south-Slavic countries. CRCD believes that to the most favorable outcome may contribute the prosecuting authorities, so that they will before July 18th, discover the perpetrators of crimes and open investigation.

July 9, 2010.

Centre for Development of Civil Society
Snežana Ilić
program coordinator

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