Letter from the Executive Director of the International Organization of Civil Rights Defenders (CRD) to the Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs

Robert Hord, executive director of the International Organization of Civil Rights Defenders (CRD) has sent a letter to Serbian Prime Minister and Minister of Interior regarding the upcoming Pride Parade which will be held on October 10th 2010. in Belgrade. The letter, among other things, says:

Together with other organizations dealing with human rights, Civil Rights Defenders will actively participate in the upcoming Pride Parade and monitor treatment of the Serbian authorities during the preparation of the Pride Parade. We express our full support to the organizers and participants of the parade and welcome the positive steps taken by the authorities of Serbia and promises provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Because of this, we expect that all promises will be carried out.
Civil Rights Defenders, in particular welcomes the commitments and activities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs during the preparation of this year's Pride Parade. This approach seems encouraging, especially given the brutal attacks on participants 2001 and refusing to protect a planned Pride Parade 2009. Therefore we demand that the police guarantee full security to participants and we expect that sufficient resources be provided for this purpose. Once again we stress that the full responsibility of the state to ensure full respect of Article 11 European Convention on Human Rights which guarantees freedom of peaceful assembly.

Civil Rights Defenders, express their full support for the LGBT community and their freedom of expression and right to peaceful assembly. Upcoming Pride Parade in Belgrade is another opportunity for the Serbian authorities to show that they are willing and able to protect its citizens who belong to this community.

For more information:
Goran Miletic,
legal adviser for Human Rights, Belgrade Office,
tel: +381-11-3621-857 or goran.miletic@civilrightsdefenders.org

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