Invitation to Annual Awards for Fight Against Discrimination and Presentation of Annual Report on Discrimination in Serbia for 2010

Belgrade, 28.04.2011.

Coalition Against Discrimination would hereby like to invite you to attend the presentation of the annual Report on Discrimination in Serbia for 2010 and Awards for Fight Against Discrimination for 2010 on Wednesday, May 4 2011, at 10 a.m., at Media Center, Terazije 3/I.

Members of the Coalition Against Discrimination will on that occasion present the fifth regular annual Report on Discriminatory Practice in the country.

The report will be introduced by:
- PhD Saša Gajin – coordinator of the Coalition Against Discrimination, and
- Ljupka Mihajlovska – Association of Students with Disabilities

On the same occasion, "Awards for Fight Against Discrimination" will be granted to those, whose contribution to fight against discrimination in Serbia the Coalition members believe was the greatest during 2010. This year too, the award will be granted in five categories:

- Public authority (institutions of public authority, MPs, officials)
- Civil society organizations (NGOs, unions, professional associations)
- Media (public media, journalists, professional associations)
- Business sector (enterprises, business people)
- Public figures (artists, sportspeople, actors/actresses, singers, politicians)

The Coalition Against Discrimination established the annual "Awards for Fight Against Discrimination" as a recognition to individuals, organizations, institutions, companies and media which throughout one year made the biggest effort to fight discrimination against minority and marginalized groups, or contributed to promotion of equality of all citizens in Serbia. The awards laureates are decided by the Coalition Against Discrimination, based on the proposals submitted by individuals and organizations by the end of 2010.

The Awards Ceremony will be attended by the representatives of the Coalition Against Discrimination's members, as well as Mr Björn Mossberg, Country Manager DCD at the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade, who will hand over the awards. We would hereby also like to ask you to RSVP by e-mail to:

The Coalition Against Discrimination comprises: Centre for Advanced Legal Studies, Civil Rights Defenders, Labris – Organization for Lesbian Human Rights, CHRIS network, Association of Students with Disabilities, Gayten LGBT, PRAXIS and Regional Centre for Minorities.

Coordinator of the Coalition Against Discrimination
Saša Gajin, PhD

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