Announcement of the Coalition against Discrimination

Coalition against discrimination condemns speech of hate and call for a lynching of LGBT population by members of the Serbian Radical Party, that is Democratic Party of Serbia at the session of the City Hall(Assembly) which is under way on the subject of security in the capital. Also, we immediately call for the end of the session attended by the Minister of Interior Ivica Dacic on which is openly promoted hatred, calls for discrimination and justification of violence against an entire population.

In fact, today's session of the City Assembly is only a continuation of lynching which was yesterday actually began by councilor of Serbian Radical Party, Jovan Nikolic, a regular session of the Stari Grad municipality, to the other attendees were shared the photos of the Pride Parade. In these photos were allegedly members of the Liberal Democratic Party, a representative of SRS, said that the photographs will be submitted to the organization "SNP Nasi 1389" whose members will “know what to do with them”.

That it is about a fascistic politics of an entire political party testifies today's statement of Nikolić party colleague Nemanja Sarovic, who has confirmed that the photo-sharing of participants of Pride Parade is nothing wrong and that he can repeat the same thing.

Also, in today's session of the City of Belgrade, Nebojsa Bakarec DSS councilor supported this call for violence and discrimination against a minority group, as he said about members of the LGBT population, that is described homosexuality as“illness, perversion, deviant behavior and depravity and social problem because of which were confronted representatives of healthy, heterosexual Serbia”.

Hooligans and thugs who have on October 10th, during the Pride Parade, destroyed half of the town and savagely attacked the police and Parade participants, Bakarec today called them “young people who are pushed to fight against the representatives of the police.”

All of the above, represents the open support for perpetrators to continue with the policy of force against those who are different and confirms the existence of political masterminds for incidents occurring in recent weeks.

Coalition Against Discrimination requests from the prosecution to respond and take appropriate action against open calls and support to the crime, also for violations of regulations on protection of personal data and the deliberate threat to the safety of people who participated in the Pride Parade.

From Belgrade Mayor Dragan Djilas, we request to publicly condemn everything in the past two days that could be heard from members of the SRS and the DSS in the town hall and as "first man of Belgrade" final stands up in defence of human rights and respect for the law and the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia.

We firmly believe that only an emergency response of institutions can put an end to violence and madness that obviously have very good support of some political parties, institutions are advised that this reaction is even more necessary when calling for a lynching just come from one of the institutions, ie. Belgrade City Assembly.

Coalition against discrimination include: Center for Advanced Legal Studies, Civil Rights Defenders, Labris - Lesbian Rights, Anti-Trafficking Centre, the Network Committee for Human Rights (CHRIS network), the Association of Students with Disabilities, LGBT Gayten, PRAXIS, and the Regional Center for minorities and this statement also supports the Youth Initiative for Human Rights.

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