Announcement of the Coalition against Discrimination on the occasion of the new evictions of barracks in Novi Beograd

Anti-Discrimination Coalition and her partners strongly condemn today's demolition of the remaining four huts that are located on the corner of streets Milutin Milankovića and Youth Brigade in New Belgrade, with which are now without roof over their heads four families on below zero temperature. Today's demolition is a continuation of the removal of the barracks in which are families of current and former employees of company Ratko Mitrovic that has provided barracks as a temporary shelter. Demolition was attended by a large number of police and fire services who made sure that the eviction went peacefully because of announced resistance of illegal demolition.
Building Inspection of municipality New Belgrade previously on November, 26th 2010, also previously not handing the decision for eviction, demolitioned a shack where three Roma families lived. They have been, after the first night they spent in the open, provided with alternative accommodation in container settlements in Makis and Rakovica. Last time the Decisions of eviction on this site was given to the residents of barracks in April and June this year, after which execution was postponed until further notice. In the meantime, noone spoke with them, nor were they informed will it come to or when will the eviction be. In today's demolition was destroyed most of their property, and they now dont have alternative accommodation, and are on the streets.

Despite repeated requests of NGOs to stop forced evictions, especially during the winter and adverse weather conditions and constant reminding of the City and the Serbian government that they must fully respect the obligations that follow from the International Covenant on Social, Economic and Cultural Rights and other relevant documents, representatives of municipal authorities continue with illegal evictions. For Friday, 17 12. 2010 is announced the demolition of the last remaining barrack. We demand the immediate cessation of all forced evictions until spring and the provision of adequate alternative accommodation to all persons who were today forcefully evicted. We emphasize that the accommodation that is provided to families who were evicted three weeks ago on the same site and moved of to Makis and Rakovica are not adequate because they are not provided with a heater and beds, and we demand that they are immediately provided with the same.

Coalition against discrimination include: Center for Advanced Legal Studies, Civil Rights Defenders, Labris - Lesbian Rights, Anti-Trafficking Centre, the Network Committee for Human Rights (CHRIS network), the Association of Students with Disabilities, LGBT Gayten, PRAXIS, and the Regional Center for minorities.

Statement join:
Belgrade Centre for Human Rights
Humanitarian Law
Women in Black
Center for Cultural Decontamination
Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia
Youth Initiative for Human Rights

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