Activists attacked in a police vehicle

Center for Policy (Center) requests from prosecution and courts to join the police in protecting the citizens of Belgrade and the legal system in Serbia and to apply the sharpest legal sanctions against hooligans who have destroyed Belgrade in an attempt to prevent the Pride Parade. The hooligans attacked during the riots also the police vehicle which was carrying activists after the Parade.

A group of eight participants were attacked in Bulevar of King Aleksandar, at Monument of Vuk while in a police vehicle - Marica while they were transported to a secure location after the parade. The vehicle was attacked by a group of 20 hooligans who managed with stones and shafts to partially open the door. All the time of the attack group has kicked and thrown stones at the vehicle. At the last moment, the driver managed to break through the clutter and escape the attackers. During the attack the vehicle was damaged, and lock on the door was completely deformed from the beating. Parade participants have been safely drawn from the vehicle at the construction site next to a police station in Zvezdara with the use of machines for cutting metal and the assistance of workers from the site. Pulling out of the vehicle activists were able to record with mobile phone. The recording can be seen on the web site:

Not in a single moment hooligans didnt hesitate to atack a police vehicle. Attacks on police around Belgrade unambiguously shows that the extremists and hooligans are encouraged with inaction of state authorities in the past during similar disturbances and non-functioning of the penal system of Serbia. Centre for Policy requests of the prosecution and courts to promptly take everything in their power to stop the savagery of the extremists and ensure safety for all citizens of Belgrade and Serbia.

For more information, please contact the director of the Center for Policy Dragan Popovic e-mail: or tel. 063 339 344.

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Pulling out of the police vehicle after the attack of hooligans

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