Safety Instructions for the arrival on the Pride Parade 2010


The Pride Parade will be held on October 10th 2010. in the park Manjez in Belgrade, where it will after addressing the guests from the country, region and abroad, go for a walk throught Nemanja, Knez Miloš and Masarik street, and the whole event will finish with the party in the Student Cultural Centre (SCC).

The Organizing Committee of the Pride Parade 2010, in cooperation with law enforcement and other government institutions, as well as friends from the region who have experience in organizing large public gatherings in the open, is engaged in detailed planning Pride Parade security. We take care of all the sensitive aspects of the Parade and we are trying to secure the event at maximum level.


We are aware of security risks of Parade and therefore we recommend you hold yourself by the following instructions and recommendations :

  1. Gathering of parade participants is in park Manjež from 10 till 11h. The program will begin at 11 am when it will be closed all access to the event. We encourage you to come early and not late for all who come after the closing they will not be able to join the Parade. Also, the event will be closed during the walk and the party, so no one can, join the Parade in any part of the program.

  2. * Recommendation is to plan your time flexibly so that you stay with us throughout the program and follow all safety instructions of the organizers and security service. Upon entering the park Manjež all participants will be divided another part of the safety instructions that relate to the meeting and secure ways of departure from the meeting.

  3. Just before the Pride Parade on the site will be published information about recommended routes for arival at the Parade,and information on approaches where it is possible to enter the park Manjež. In Belgrade, October 10th there will be significantly increase of police presence around the city, strong police force will be organized especially around the parade ground, and some of the streets nearby Manjez areas will be closed.

  4. * Recommendation is to come to a meeting with public transport and / or foot and not with your own car.
    * Also, it is not advised arrival with in small streets and shortcuts, as well as coming in large groups.

  5. We recommend, because of security, on meeting you bring as little stuff with you and be casualy dressed.If you want to be dressed or put make-up in a certain way for the parade, you can do it when you come into the park Manjez.

  6. * It is recommended that you come to a meeting without of visual features of Pride Parade or LGBT movement (badges, flags, banners, insignia, rainbow ...). The Organizing Committee will provide promotional materials that will be distributed at the meeting.
    * Also, it is important not to forget to take off all the hallmarks of Parade immediately after the program (parties) completion, that is before leaving the meeting.
    * If you still want to bring your flag, baner or similiar please let us know until october 8th via e-mail so we could takeover its bringing to and off after meeting is finised. Your promotional material will be available when you enter the park Manjez.

  7. If you come from another city or from abroad or you know someone coming from another city or from abroad, as he/she would be at risk due to lack of knowlage of city please let us know or that you refer the person on to Organizing Committee ( in order to coordinate your arrival and give you on time important information in this regard.

  8. * We urge you forward this manual to all those you know will come, or are thinking to come to the parade. It is important to us that safety instructions are available to everyone, and even more important that we all go by these recommendations. Also, that all interested are forwarded on the site of the Pride Parade or e-mail Thank you!

  9. With us will be a parade and journalists, cameramen and photographers who will have accreditation PRESS.

  10. * If you do not want to be photographed or give a statement you have a right to avirt their atention to it.
    * Also, if you want to photograph the meeting, before that ask people whether they are fine with it.

  11. Toilets and water will be available to participants of the parade in the park Manjež.

  12. * It is recommended that in the assembly you can not carry food or drink, or anything that may jeopardize the safety of participants as you wont be able to bring it in.

    Pride Parade 2010 is now supported by numerous organizations from home and abroad, government institutions, political parties, public figures and citizens of Serbia and other countries, and many of them will also appear in the parade and walk with us.

    Pride Parade 2010 seen as an inclusive event, as a quiet, dignified and nonviolent public meetings and a place where we all together will show that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Serbia can finally freely and without fear walk on the streets of Belgrade with the support of their relatives, friends, associates and all those who advocate for equality, tolerance and respect for human rights. Pride parade is not seen as our ultimate goal but a means by which we will divert attention to state and society about the problems that the LGBT population in Serbia are facing.

    It is very important to us that you with your personal presence support the Parade and on October 10th together we can send a message of peace, equality and tolerance.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

    See you 10.10.'10. at 10 am.

    The Organizing Committee of the Pride Parade 2010

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