Pride Parade October 10th 2010. in Belgrade

Pride Parade 2010 will be held on October 10th 2010. The meeting will begin by bringing together participants in the park Manjež in 10h. Parade will move through the streets of: Nemanja, Knez Miloš and Masaryk, and the event will end with the party in the Student Cultural Center.

Taking into account the security conditions and the symbolism of this year's parade, organizers have for a gathering place and the walk route chosen one of the locations in the city center where the highest concentration of state institutions are, such as the Serbian Government, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, The Court of Appeal, the Constitutional Court, Ministry of Finance and others.
Pride parade this year is organized by Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) and Queeria - Centre for Promotion of culture of nonviolence and equality (Queeria center), with the support and assistance to support groups gay men from Novi Sad, friends from the LGBT community, and many other organizations. Organizing Committee, the body which decides on issues important to maintain the Parade, are 7 members, and for the organization of this event are formed several special teams: creative, media, event management, etc..

Pride Parade 2010 organizers see it as an inclusive event, as peaceful and nonviolent public meetings and a place in which to show that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in Serbia can freely and without fear can walk the streets of Belgrade with the support of relatives, friends, associates and all those who advocate for equality, tolerance and respect for human rights. Parade, organizers do not see it as the ultimate goal but as an instrument for society to draw attention to problems that the LGBT population in Serbia face every day and they would request that state deals with violence and discrimination systematically.

Pride Parade will have the ancillary events, ie. "Pride Week", such as exhibitions, debates, performances ... that face the LGBT community and will be a week before the parade is organized in cultural spaces in Belgrade (the program will be available later). Pride Parade 2010 will be promoted in Novi Sad, Nis, Zrenjanin and Becej where will also be organized promotional stands and associated events. Slogan for Pride Parade 2010 is "To walk together." Symbol for Pride Parade 2010 is one of the most famous symbols of Belgrade - Winner, Ivan Mestrovic statue placed at Kalemegdan.

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