Arrest the assailants of Teofil Pančić


Human rights organizations condemn attack on journalist Teofil Pančić and request from police and prosecutors to promptly detect and bring to justice the attackers.

Teofil Pančić, weekly columnist for Time, was brutally attacked 24th July about 23 hours on bus in Zemun. The two young men with hoods over the head, entered the bus with Pančić, and then, on the sight of passengers, attacked him with metal bars of which he sustained concussion of the head and right arm injuries. After unsuccessful attempts to overcome him attackers fled towards the center of Zemun.

Particular concern is the fact that none of the passengers who were present at the attack did nothing to stop the violence, and injured Pančić called the police which have transported him to the hospital.

Brutal attack on Theophilus Pančića is another in a series of violent acts as a target to have a persons whose public engagements are characterized by a criticism attitude towards socio-political situation.

The authorities not finding and not punishing the perpetrators of such attacks created an atmosphere in which violence is permitted.

Human rights organizations are inviting timely reaction of the police to identify and arrest the perpetrators, and the prosecution to adequatelly process the attack and clearly send a message to society that violence will not be tolerated.

Statement is signed by:

Lawyers Committee for Human Rights (YUCOM)
Belgrade center for human rights
Women in Black
Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia
Center for Cultural Decontamination
Fund for Humanitarian Law
Youth initiative for Human Rights

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