Statement-Jehovah's Witness Protection

Lawyers of Committee for Human Rights filed on behalf of injured indictment to Court in Uzice against several persons for the crimes of violent conduct and a violation of freedom and of confession of faith and performance of religious rites. Thus, in the name of victims was taken over prosecution by criminal complaint filed back then to District Prosecutor's Office in Uzice 2008th by the religious community, "Jehovah's Witnesses." District Prosecutor's Office in Uzice has shifted the subject to the Municipal Prosecutor's Office after two years has submitted a notice to injured that it gives up from prosecution because of lack of evidence.

In fact, in March 2008, about 500 inhabitants of settlements Bare in Bajina Basta to which have joined several hundred people from neighboring towns, gathered infront of the building in which the religious rite was performed by religious community, "Jehovah's Witnesses". In order stops holding of religious gathering, gathered people have been throwing stones on the object where meeting was organized, shouting threatening slogans based on religious hatred and intolerance. When members of the "Jehovah's Witnesses" were forced to leave the building , some of the crowd have caused bodily harm to members of the religious community, and then unlawfully entered the building and caused property damage, set fire to the publications and shattered glass on the parked car.

Lawyers Committee for Human Rights is concerned about the obstruction of the Basic (District) prosecutors office in Uzice in the procedure relating to such sensitive crimes such as violent behavior and injury free confession of faith and performance of religious rites. We remind that the Serbian Constitution guarantees freedom of thought, conscience and religion and that its prohibited incitement of racial, ethnic and religious hatred.

Lawyers' Committee
Human Rights-YUCOM

U Beogradu, 12.08.2010. godine

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