Project motto was “Human Rights for All”, and it was coordinated by the Committee for Human Rights Niš. It was financially supported by the Fund for an Open Society from Belgrade. Project was consisted of integrated campaign of education and distribution of “human rights packages” on occasion of December 10th – International Day of Human Rights. Aim of this CHRIS project was mollification of problem of uninformative citizens, promotion of notion and significance of human rights, as well as promotion of United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Also, this was promotion of the third sector as active and equal social strength in Serbia. In addition, on this occasion, nongovernmental organizations that carried out this project presented themselves to the public as “forces” that should help the process of transition of our country toward democracy. This campaign also sent message to the political parties that there are certain “forces” in this society that carefully follow everything that government do, and that basic postulates of democracy must be obeyed. Human rights package contained: brochure “Alphabet of Human Rights”, pen, calendar “12 Human Rights Fighters”, postcard, poster with campaign motto and paper bag with printed message that promotes human rights idea and with suitable graphic.

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