I want to know

Project “I WANT TO KNOW!” is the second project of the Committee for Human Rights Negotin that was carried out within the CHRIS Network, financially supported by USAID-DTI. This project was carried out during the August 2002, as a series of nine quiz programs on local self-governance. Because of problems in getting the prime time on local TV stations, Committee for Human Rights Leskovac and Civic Forum Novi Pazar didn’t participate in this project. So, the participants were: the Committees for Human Rights Negotin, Niš and Bor. Television viewers – participants in quiz received valuable prizes for their knowledge. In final tenth program, recipients of prizes were drawn out, by the Major Siniša Puljecović. They received TV sets, stereos, walkmans, basket balls, T-shirts with project logo. The Local Government also gave nine prizes in cash.

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