Practice on the field of human rights

Niš, Novi Sad, Novi Pazar, Valjevo, Bujanovac, Negotin

Thanks to the support of Open Society Institute from Budapest Network Committee for Human Rights in Serbia CHRIS, realises one-year project "Practice in the field of human rights ". In the implementation of this project research is carried out on the problems of further social integration of Roma national minority in Serbia.

The aim of the research:

1. Monitoring as the progress of the inclusion and improving the socio-economic status of Roma in Serbia
2. Recommendations on how NGOs and local public authorities in less developed cities in Serbia can work together to improve the Roma communities.

Expected result:

The research will examine the work of various Roma NGOs and local authorities (the Ombudsman, local municipalities, etc.). In various parts of Serbia (5 towns of Network CHRIS + Belgrade) in 4 different areas: education, housing, employment, political participation. It will show some examples of good practice and how that practice can be accepted in other cities.
Researcher is Ala Leukavets from Belarus in the framework of the Network Committee for Human Rights in Serbia CHRIS.

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