We don`t want bribe

“WE DON'T WANT BRIBE!” is the network project created and coordinated by the Committee for Human Rights Negotin. It was carried out in all five Committees for Human Rights that make the CHRIS Network (Niš, Bor, Leskovac, Novi Pazar, and Negotin). This project was being done in spring of 2002, as anti-corruption campaign in several levels. It was financial supported by USAID-DTI. An original television jingle was made for this campaign, and it was broadcasted in five local TV stations in all above mentioned towns. Also, anti-corruption telephones were activated, brochures were printed, postcards, posters and billboards. Media coverage of this campaign was good in local media, as well as in national printed media. There are several articles in some daily newspapers, and also the photograph on the cover of the “Blic” Daily that shows one of billboards in Niš. Direct result of this project – anticorruption campaign, was one case of bribery reported in Negotin.

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