Political Department for Relations with Romanians Abroad DPRRP (PDRRA) organizes between 26 January and 24 February 2015 session to apply for funding of projects that will support the activities of Romanians abroad.

Associations, foundations, organizations, institutions, authorized individuals, legal entities from abroad and from Romania, legally may submit applications for funding, personally, by registered post or via courier at the headquarters of the Political Department for Relations with Romanians Abroad, Primaverii Boulevard, no. 22, sector 1, postal code 011972, Bucharest, Romania.

Applications for funding must be in accordance with the rules laid down in the Financial Guide published on the website DPRRP (PDRRA) www.dprp.gov.ro and the deadline for applications: 24 February 2015 (date of mail).Requests submitted after that date do not meet the requirements of the competition.

Announcement of results of selected projects and a list of beneficiaries of grants will be published on the website of DPRRP (PDRRA) www.dprp.gov.ro.

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