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The Network of the Committee for Human Rights in Serbia CHRIS and the Office for Human and Minority Rights of the Government of the Republic of Serbia organized a round table entitled "Public Forum - Together for Equality" in Negotin on 21st July 2017.

The main goal of this meeting was the opening of a dialogue with representatives of key institutions at the local level on the improvement of local normative frameworks and policies, and creating an environment that will reduce discrimination, and enable the social inclusion of the Roma community on equal basis. Representatives of the Municipal Council, PU posts in Negotin, Center for Social Work, National Employment Services, Health Center, Elementary School for the Education of Students with Developmental Disturbances "12. September ", "Badnjevo’’, Public utility company and Roma organizations were invited to the gathering.

As the speakers, at the meeting were: Dusan Prvulovic, Chairman of the Committee for Human Rights Negotin/CHRIS Network Office in Negotin, Sanijela Dinic, Lawyer of the CHRIS Network, Merlina Selenic, Assistant to the President of the Municipality of Negotin for Social Issues, National Minorities and Development of Local Communities and Slobodan Pujic, the president of the Roma organization Bibijako Djive.

Subsequently, a workshop was organized for representatives of relevant institutions in the local community that actively contribute to the social inclusion of the Roma community in Negotin (competent of the Municipal Council, National Employment Service, Health Center, Primary School "12. September ", "Badnjevo" Public utility company), with the intention to further encourage the cooperation of key actors and institutions at the local level for the implementation of existing policies and measures in order to reduce discrimination against the Roma community, and additionally inform about the discriminatory practice to which the Roma community is exposed.

The Public Forum and workshop in Negotin was organized by the Network of the Committee for Human Rights in Serbia CHRIS within the project "Together for Equality", financed from the budget of the Republic of Serbia - Office for Human and Minority Rights and is part of the program for projects of the associations in order to improve the position and status of Roma and Roma women in the Republic of Serbia.

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