Committee for Human Rights Negotin is nongovernmental, nonpolitical and nonprofit organization, founded on July 17th 1999, with aim to take an active part in democratic changes, to promote role and significance of civic society, and above all, to take part in human rights defense. Committee for Human Rights Negotin has the Assembly ), the Presidency and the President. It is officially registered at the Federal Ministry of Justice on October 11, 1999. Within the Committee, two more organizations work: WOMEN FORUM and ASSOCIATION OF NEGOTIN YOUTH (UNO). They deal with separate problems of youth and female population, but also take part in all the activities carried out by the Committee for Human Rights. At the end of 1999 the Committee, in cooperation with the Lawyers Committe for Human Rights (YUCOM), started OFFICES OF LEGAL AID (today the project is active as the Legal Aid Network CHRIS).Many people are turning to this Office for help since its foundation. There were various human rights violations. All of them received a legal advice, and when it was possible, people were represented at the Court of Law, by engaging lawyers. Committee for Human Rights Negotin, together with four more Committees from Serbia (Novi Pazar, Niš, Leskovac, and Bor) formed the Network of the Committees for Human Rights In Serbia – CHRIS, on September 1st, 2000. Network was founded with goal to increase the cooperation of similar organizations, and expand each organization’s area of working. This Network works on basis of coordination of actions and projects, and at the end of 2002, Dušan Prvulović, president of the Committee for Human Rights Negotin was elected for Network coordinator, after which in 2005 the Network coordination was taken over by the president of the Committee for Human Rights Niš, Dragan Đorđević. Based on the long-term experience of the Committees for Human Rights in Serbia Network – CHRIS, and with assistance of our strategic donor - Swedish Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Resource Centre Network started to work on March 1, 2002. This new Network of nongovernmental organizations has, in very short time, became the carrier of various activities. In addition, it carried out many projects, independently, or in cooperation. Network of the Committes for Human Rights today consists from: Human Rights Committee Valjevo from Valjevo, Committee for Human Rights Niš from Niš, Committee for Human Rights Negotin, Vojvodina Center for Human Rights from Novi Sad and Civic Forum from Novi Pazar.