Office of the Legal Aidoperates within theCommittiee for Human Rights of Negotinfrom December 19th 1999. Opened in cooperation with theCommittee of Lawyers for Human Rightsin Belgrade, and continuing work of the Office was provided by the support ofFreedom Housein theNetworking Committee for Human Rights in Serbia CHRIS. Also in frame of the Network CHRIS on April 1st 2003. work of the office is supported by Swedish Helsinki Committee for Human Rights. Support to the implementation of free legal assistance from the very beginning is supported bySwedish Helsinki Committee for Human Rightsand from January 1st 2006. support to implementation of this program also enables theOpen Society Institute.Office of the Legal Aid Committee for Human Rights Negotin / CHRIS Negotin is working within the Network of Legal Aid's CHRIS. Free Legal Assistance Program of Network Committee CHRIS is realized with support from two donors:



Currently, most of the people who come to the Legal Aid Office are people who feel that their human rights are violated by the loss of jobs. In addition, some socially endangered people cannot fulfill certain rights in area of social and health protection and in area of communal jobs. Significant number of people comes to the Office because they think there are prolonging and bias in already started cases. Sometimes, it is true, and Office assists them in such cases by advice or by writing to the Courts of Law. Specific cases of human rights violations were noted by the members of police force or journalists, regarding the minor persons, as subjects or objects of human rights violations, when publicly announce their names, which gives additional problems to those persons. In such cases, Legal Aid Office works the only thing it can do, and that is the public reaction to such cases.